We had a short day ahead of us, so we started with breakfast and were ready to get to work right away. Our goal for the day was three more rows, which would finish the front wall of the house. We of course accomplished this and also was able to remove a trunk (with the help of Pedro, a resident in the house) from in front of the house. We finished around 12pm and headed to see an old Habitat house. We saw how the house was added to and we were impressed by how nice the house looked and how it was expanded from the 18 square feet house. We then headed to lunch and ate quickly because Salto De La Estalzuela (a waterfall) was our next stop.


We were able to wade in the water, and Brydon was able to go for a full swim.


After the waterfall, we went to La Casita. This is a botanical garden like place with plants everywhere. We enjoyed bread, cheese, tomatoes, and coffee there. We then went back to our hotel to get ready for our fancy steak dinner. We headed out to Pullasos Ole, and we enjoyed steak, ribeye, alfredo, salmon, and ceasar salad. After our delicious dinner, we headed back to our hotel to rest up for the big day Thursday.


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