Building in Guatemala: Day 1

 In Global Impact

Hola from Guatemala!  The sun is shining, and our team of eleven arrived safely to our destination.  We are excited for a great week in this beautiful Central American country.  Guatemala is located south of Mexico and is home to volcanoes, rain forests and ancient Mayan sites. Spanish is the official language and is spoken by 90% of the population. However, there are long-standing Mayan, Xinca, and Garífuna roots too. Since the Mayan civilization was first developed by the Maya (a group of Indigenous people of Mesoamerica), the language has evolved into 21 dialects that can still be heard today. There are more than 30 volcanoes in the country but only three are active.

Saturday we all traveled to Guatemala City and arrived from different locations of Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Cedar Rapids. The last group arrived around 9:30pm and then we enjoyed a great meal together before heading back to our hotel to get some rest for our trip into the mountains on Sunday morning to Quetzaltenango. The locals call it Xela and this is where we will be volunteering for the week. Xela is one of the highest cities in Central America, sitting at around 7,546 feet. It’s going to be a beautiful trip traveling through the mountains!