Building in Guatemala: Day 3

 In Global Impact

Today is the reason why these heroes came to Guatemala.  After months of recruiting go-getters, the 2019 GVT team is one of the most talented squads ever assembled.  Led by Captain Deb “Ironside” Winter, the troop was well organized and ready to go by O-eight hundred.  

Upon arrival, the field engineers Nate, Randy and Tony grabbed their shovels.  Both Tony and Nate trenched their way to China, as they’re the kind of guys that eat dirt and spit out the nails they find.  Both dug a four-foot deep perimeter trench in record (unofficial) time.  Private Parks focused on the interior and after digging the same trench five times, he was a casualty in this fight for affordable housing with a hand blister and a bad sun burn.

Footing excavation could not have happened without the Bucket Brigade made up of Taylor, Sami and Josie (when not milking cows).  Together they moved 50 cubic yards of earth, twice.  Our ironworkers, Shea, Patti, Beatrice and Deb cut, twisted and bent a ½ ton of steel into rebar ready for installation.  Cathy also participated in a variety of tasks when she wasn’t removing confetti from her hair, babysitting or playing with puppies.

Mission accomplished today.  We look forward to tomorrow’s challenges with concrete, staging block and bending the other ½ ton of steel.