Building in Guatemala: Day 5

 In Global Impact

I never in a million years imagined what I might be doing today, February 27, 2019. Listening to Cathy sing Creedence Clearwater’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” a few dozen times on the way to a work site, where we hauled over 600 32-lb. cinder blocks via human chain doesn’t exactly come to mind when you formulate your expectations for your future. 

We have a few days behind us now and the footprint of the house is starting to appear as the trenches have all been dug. We’ve also started installing the rebar columns and have finally gotten the satisfaction of seeing our hard work had a purpose after-all, because for all I knew I was tying wires to pieces of steel to keep my hands busy. 

After throwing concrete blocks around for a few hours we were BLESSED with a timely planned trip to a nearby hot springs thanks to our Habitat Guide, and amigo, Carlos. We all needed relief and relaxation for our sore muscles. The van ride into the mountains to the hot springs was breathtaking. The surrounding land was full of farms, no matter how steep the slope! We wondered how the farmers avoided rolling down the mountain while they tended their crops. We also wondered about Tony’s love life. Word is that he’s on the market ladies, and he sure does know how to dig a trench!

Funny of the day: Randall’s window was open in the van, causing gale force winds in the seat behind him where Deb happened to be sitting. When asked if she minded the window being open, she replied, “My cheeks are flapping, but it’s okay.”

Thank you so much for having me on this trip! It’s been truly an experience of a lifetime and I feel fortunate to be able to work alongside such determined and passionate people!