Building in Guatemala: Day 6

 In Global Impact

Well friends, I’m back again! I’m not sure who allowed me to have control of the blog, but they’ll regret it soon 😉 Well, you’ve got a good idea of what we have been up to for the last 3 days from Randy, Tony, and Sami. I hope they’ve painted a beautiful picture of what this country is: the unbelievable mountainside crops, warm sun, and most patient and kind people you have ever met. We have enjoyed our time on the work site, twisting and bending not only our backs, but also rebar and wires, shoveling dirt constantly, and basically doing whatever else Valentino tells us to do. Although we spent much of our time last night and this morning mentally preparing ourselves to carry over 1,000 more cinder blocks, Valentino crushed those thoughts by having us cut… yes you guessed it…more rebar. We also worked to perfect our skills in twisting wire around rebar. The moment finally came that we had all been waiting for…mixing concrete.  I know many of you are probably not thinking the same thing, but this is what we came to Guatemala to do and by golly we were going to do it. We waited patiently for the mixing trucks to come however they didn’t show up, so we threw together 30 buckets of sand, rock, and mortar and got our own “mixing truck” going. The master mixers were Sami, Josie, Taylor, Tony, Nate, and Sir Randall along with a few subs throughout the mixing process. With our expert mixing skills, we were able to keep things moving for Valentino as he poured the concrete into the foundation around the columns that we had put so much of our heart and soul in to. Deb, Bea, and Shea the Roaring Rod Shapers were hard at work to keep things running smoothly as Patti, and I (Catalina in case you hadn’t figured that out yet) were putting to use those great pieces of bent rebar by putting together more columns. The sun kept us warm as we worked, and the Habitat staff supplied us with yet another amazing meal. After work we made our way to the weaving co-op where we all discovered our new hobby: weaving. It only requires a little bit of thread and a ton of patience so I’m sure we will all become experts at it! The things we have been learning are amazing, heart breaking, encouraging, and life changing. The people here in Guatemala are so kind and giving and we are blessed to be able to work alongside them. Continue to keep the Guatemalans as well as our team in your prayers, thoughts, and good wishes as a few of us are working through the Guatemalan bug 😉 We hope you have been enjoying the trip thus far and we will continue to keep you updated on the amazing adventures encountered in this beautiful country.