Building in Guatemala: Day 7

 In Global Impact

Fiesta Day! This is something our team looks forward to every year. It’s a culminating moment at the end of the week where we dedicate the house we have been working on and spend some time playing games with the family, friends, and locals from the neighborhood. However, before we could enjoy the fruits of our labor, we had to put in a few more hours of work.

We got a bit of a later start this morning, heading to the build site a half hour later than normal. Our late start resulted in the local masons we have been working with this week, Valentino, Super Mario and Marvin, to be waiting anxiously for our arrival. After working with the crazy gringos (that’s us) all week, they were ready to jump into morning circle without any extra encouragement.

Our morning consisted of a bit more wire cutting, rebar bending, and assembling. For those who have been to Nicaragua, this week’s building tasks have been much different. However, we got to see today how important each wire we have touched is to the foundation of the house. Without a solid foundation the walls and roof of the house would have nothing to rest on. Although we have not spent the week building walls brick-by-brick, our team did lay a solid foundation that Leslie, Fabio and Junior will be able to build memories in.

Tomorrow we are getting an early start so we ended our last day of building with a group dinner that included our amigo Carlos and headed to bed early.