Building in Guatemala: Day 9

 In Global Impact

After a short night including random fireworks we were up and headed for the airport.  I spent my last few quetzals and settled in for the long trip home.  Leaving the warmth of Guatemala City for the frozen Midwest and relatively cool Ventura was our final challenge.

This was my first trip mission trip outside of the United States, and I have never bonded with a group so quickly.  Shared mission and adversity have a way of doing that.  Thanks to my teammates for all the support, laughter, and great experiences.  You made me have feelings and will stay in my tiny heart forever.

This was also my first trip to Central America.  I discovered that Guatemala is both a beautiful and a challenging country.  I am in awe of the Guatemalan people and their perseverance and ingenuity.   They overcome obstacles daily to make better lives for themselves and provide for their families.  I am reminded that the life I have is only a dream for many and am reinforced in my desire to continue to provide others a hand up.