Building in Trinidad: Day 2

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A view of the mud pit. A sign in the foreground reads

After a day of traveling from Iowa, we were excited to wake up in sunny Trinidad! We didn’t know that today was a day of unknowns and some experiences none of us knew that we actually wanted to do. We began with breakfast at the cute little hotel that we’re staying at, the Heritage Inn. Breakfast was a local delicacy of fruit, eggs and some sort of fish delight that some of us liked and some of us disliked. We all boarded the bus, made one stop at a local grocery store, then to Subway to grab our lunch and headed to L’eau Michel Mud Volcano. There aren’t words to describe it but the pictures will tell the story. It was an experience none of us will ever forget for the rest of our lives. Some of the highlights were Quincy doing cannon balls into the mud pit, a PSA for Hy-Vee and singing Happy Birthday to Randy’s wife Darla. We will never see mud the same. Some of us weren’t planning on diving in but in the end the whole team (except for Galen since he is coming today) took the plunge into the mud.

Once we got out of the mud pit, we ate lunch and took a not so short hike to the ocean to rinse the mud out of every crevice of our bodies. It was a beautiful day for a hike to the ocean! After a dip in the ocean we made the 1-hour hike back to the bus to head back to the hotel. Our hike to the mud pit, then down to the ocean and back to the bus covered eight miles of terrain that left our bodies aching. Can you say out of shape? Awesome experience, one none of us will ever forget.

Once we got back to the hotel, we all showered and then headed to dinner at La Cantina for some amazing wood fired pizza, burgers and salads. Our aching bodies were sore but our bellies were full. After dinner, in true Habitat form, we broke out the cards and played some euchre. Some of us seasoned and some us learning, it was quite the competition. Guided by some very key teachers the rookies knocked off our experienced players before everyone hit their pillows and called it a night. It was a great first day in Trinidad filled with many memories that will last a lifetime.



The build team bathing in the mud pit

A bird's eye view of the team playing cards in the hotel