Building in Trinidad: Day 6

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The team poses for a photo on the build site

Wednesday was day 3 on the build site. You could tell we were all a little reluctant after yesterday’s aches and pains had time to settle in, when not one person had a problem with the bus picking us up one hour late. Did y’all know we have a muscle called the Adductor Pollicis? I didn’t either until this week. I’ll save you the Google search: It’s a tiny muscle between the base of your thumb and index finger. Small, but mighty! When we arrived on site we were pleased to see the construction crew had finished the second side of the foundation last night after we left. What a pleasant surprise. Josie led morning circle and surprised us with another treat… HALF DAY! The agenda read quit time as 4:00 but she said we were going to be done after lunch today. This boosted morale, so we were quickly back to work mixing, hauling and pouring concrete. Even Nigel, our bus driver helped mix concrete. An hour or so into the day we received two more blessings: a cement mixer AND CLOUDS!

Marie and her daughter came out to see the progress of their new home and when we broke for lunch and turned the mixer off we were serenaded by the most beautiful gospel music playing from next door. This really brought everything into perspective with an overwhelming surge of gratitude. I think my eyes may have started sweating! After the build site we made a stop at KIND (Kids In Need of Direction) where we learned about the amazing work they do there for kids of all ages and their parents. Everything from teaching them to read to teaching them the coping skills of yoga and meditation. This organization has helped over 29,000 kids in approximately 20 years. They are so very inspiring. 

After distributing toys for the kids we were back on the bus heading back to the hotel for showers and pool time… But first we made a pit stop at a scenic view turnoff we’ve admired while passing by every day this week. We’re all taking good care of each other here, making sure everyone is staying hydrated, reapplying sunscreen and not overexerting ourselves. I haven’t heard so much encouragement for peeing since I potty trained my kids!


The foundation trenches are filled with concrete. Rebar sticks up out of them.On overlook of Port of Spain, Trinidad's capital cityA classroom in the Kids in Need of Direction buildingA sign for KIND that says "Your small change can make a big change! By donation $100 you can make a child's future brighter."