Building in Trinidad: Day 9

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Two glass bottom boats wait for passengers on the beach

Our final day in Trinidad & Tobago started with an early alarm, and we were on our way from the hotel at 5:30am. We were headed to the airport to take a 17-minute plane ride to Tobago for the day.  We boarded the small, 2-prop plane and headed to paradise for a great day of relaxing after a hard week of building with many tired muscles. 

The Tobago airport was a tiny airport on the edge of the island.  It had one runway so once we got to the end of it, we had to do a U-turn to head back to the terminal. There is one gate, and once you head out the door you are literally on the street in Tobago. We crossed the street and had breakfast before we headed two blocks down from the airport to enjoy some local shopping and the beach.  The water in Tobago was breathtaking with many shades of blue. We were excited to be there to give our sore muscles a break. 

At 11 am we all boarded a glass bottom boat that would take us on a tour of the island for the next few hours. “Boarding” meant literally jumping onto the back of the boat while the waves were crashing into shore. There wasn’t a dock, so you had to time your walk out to the boat just right when the wake was down. We used our quickness, and all boarded the boat safely.  Our stops on the tour included Buccoo Reef to look at the fish out the glass bottom and a spot where we could get out and snorkel. Next, we headed to the Nylon Pool, which is a pool out in the middle of the ocean created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon.  Legend has it that you would feel ten years younger whenever you bathe in the nylon pool. We all were hoping for more than ten!  😊  Once we were done relaxing in the pool, we had a quick stop on an island called No Man’s Land and then off to Pigeon Point for lunch and lounging at the beach. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Traditions Bar & Grill and then an afternoon in the water.  Tobago had a lot to offer this tired bunch of Habitat workers, and we all enjoyed every minute. 

Around 5:30pm we were picked up by a driver to head back to the airport for our 17-minute flight back to Trinidad.  Our trip was slowly coming to an end and we couldn’t help but think about the snow and cold that awaited us the next day back in Iowa. When we arrived back at the airport in Trinidad, we waited for a team member from the next group to arrive and then we all boarded the bus back to our hotel for dinner and packing our suitcases. We all had early morning flights, so we showered, packed and took a nap before leaving for the tundra of Iowa!

This entire week has been life changing for all of us. This is the true story of 13 strangers who chose to travel to Trinidad & Tobago, work together, and have their story told about serving a Habitat family. Even though we head home with sore muscles, we all feel we gained way more than what we put into this week. Marie and her family forever changed our lives and we will forever hold a piece of their hearts in ours. The work of Habitat is lifechanging in so many ways and we are so thankful to the Habitat staff of Trinidad & Tobago for such a great week!



A view from the plane over Trinidad. One propeller is visible.A dock on the beach in Tobago. The water is crystal clear and light blueA view of sunset on the beach in Tobago