Building in Nicaragua: Day 6

Building in Nicaragua: Day 6

Hola from Granada, Nica. As beautiful as this city is and aware the fun adventures that were in store for us today, I think ever since arriving last night, the group collectively had one luxury in mind…to sleep in today… without the chipper chatter of the American Sparrows starting their morning gossip session at 4:30am outside our windows (and no, the name of the annoying feathered friends were not lost on us). After a night of dancing our gringa butts off at Ladies Night in a discoteca close to our hotel, we all slept to our heart’s content and lazily started the day with delisioso cafe and walks to the marcado and even some Mani/pedis from our favorite traveling spa technician, Rosa!

The group reconvened around 11 am to drive out to Granada Island. We hopped on the long boat, strapped on a life jacket and soaked in the beautiful scenery on the short 15 minute ride out to our private island for the day. Did you know Granada Island is actually made up of 365 individual islands, formed from the eruption of el Vocan Mumbacho (Volcano) into Granada Lake hundreds of years ago? Crazy right? We got to enjoy our very own island, outfitted with a restaurant, bar, pool, kayaking, hammocks and huts where you can stay overnight (which we only used as changing rooms due to our short stay). We even introduced the island to some American flare by playing a rousing tournament of Spike Ball.

After the wonderful lunch and relaxing afternoon, we got back to shore and started our descent into the hills of Masaya, destination the crater of el Volcan Masaya. What a site. If you stand on the edge looking down, you could hear the grumbling of molten lava thousands of feet within. When the wind swept the smoke just enough, we could actually see red lava moving around below.

Although the trip is coming to an end soon and we are all dreading the long travel day in front of us, our spirits stayed high all night as we finished the glorious week eating an amazing authentic Nican dinner as a group. The food was amazing and the music and traditional Maya dancers were incredible. We did some reminiscing on the week’s highlights, the ridiculous quotes, the cute nicknames, the adventures, the “at least she’s pretty” competition and most importantly, the special bond we’ve now created. We all agree, we feel we are taking away much more than we could imagine we gave this week. Salud to the Nica Habitat team and salud to all the families back home who supported us in being here!

(Blog written by Mary Kunz)


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