Every day is earth day

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At Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore, every day is earth day! The power of gently used items donated to ReStore not only help fund Habitat for Humanity’s mission and building efforts, they also have a positive impact on our environment. We see it every day. Someone is moving, remodeling or just tired of looking at that stuff in the spare bedroom or basement and the usual reaction is, “I just have to get rid of this stuff!” For many, unfortunately, that means adding more goods to the landfill and having a negative outcome on the environment. For some, that’s actively donating to a charitable non-profit organization. We know that you have a choice when you donate items and we’re excited when you choose Habitat ReStore! We also understand that some things have lived a good life and might just need to be discarded. ReStore accepts donations of many items of various kinds, but we ask that you please be mindful when donating to not just pass along an expense of the landfill to us. We are committed to being good stewards of the monies and resources that we inherit. Make sure that when you donate something, it’s something that you might want to purchase or that the item still has useable life in it! 

Because of your generous donations in 2016, ReStore was able to divert more than 545 tons of saleable goods from the local landfill! If you’re unsure of what 545 tons looks like, maybe this will help: 

The next time that you bring up the elephant (you know, that old couch)… think ReStore.

Just remember, elephants never forget!


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