Home is the Key

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In Cedar Rapids, one in five homeowners spend 30% or more of their income on housing, and they’re the lucky ones.

Nearly half of renters in Cedar Rapids pay the same price just to stay afloat while building no equity or savings. Without the safety and stability of an affordable home, families are forced to choose between shelter and basic necessities such as food, education or medical care.

To address this critical need locally and across the country, Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity is joining Home is the Key, a national campaign by Habitat for Humanity International that spotlights the need for affordable housing and aims to raise funds to drive lasting change in the United States. Throughout April HFHI will be sharing facts, statistics and stories on their website and Facebook relating to the need for affordable housing. To help make a difference and show the world that Home is the Key, consider donating, volunteering, or attending our events. For information on our affordable homeownership program, click here.

Home Is The Key official national website