Marshalltown Recovery

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Every year, natural disasters, war and civil unrest displace millions of people around the world from their homes. 

Eastern Iowa residents are no strangers to the damage ensued by tornadoes and unprecedented floods.

While no one was prepared for the tornado that hit Marshalltown in the summer of ’18, many were brought together to help clean up and recover. Within 24 hours after tornadoes destroyed parts of the city, Habitat personnel were on the ground assessing the damage and handing out more than 500 tarps to neighboring residences. Crews cleared the streets to make the areas safe as they started clean-up efforts in affected neighborhoods.

In the aftermath of the storm, many families were left with unstable, unsafe and exposed homes. The efforts of Habitat affiliates, partnering nonprofits, AmeriCorps volunteers and community volunteers helped over 98 Marshalltown families begin the process of rebuilding and recovering. 

On July 19, disaster struck Marshalltown with over 700 homes impacted by the tornado that went through.  We are so thankful for our affiliates and especially Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity for jumping in action and joining us the day after to assess the damage and providing staff, AmeriCorps and their volunteer groups to assist homeowners in the weeks following.  The assistance that was provided gave a glimmer of hope to the families we assisted as they try to piece back together their lives during a difficult time. —Dawn Stohs, Program Director, Habitat for Humanity of Iowa

To directly assist in the Marshalltown Recovery efforts, please visit: https://www.iowahabitat.org/marshalltown-recovery/

Learn more about Habitat’s Disaster Recovery efforts worldwide, please visit: https://www.habitat.org/impact/our-work/disaster-response