Repurpose It!

Repurpose It!

As part of our annual Recycle Gala this year, held on April 20th, 2017, we asked a few “RePurposers” to give us a hand with a few projects! They completely flipped a few items, reimagined, restored or completely built projects of all kinds!  Here’s a recap of their items along with before and after pictures. 


  1. A World Of Good Desk – by Kristin Hale [Kristen’s Alley
    Before this piece was even thought to be a desk, it had seen better days. Scrap lumber, abandoned file cabinets and some old leather belts make up this industrial, yet rustic desk – not to mention this cool, bright red chair! A coat of grey primer on the cabinets and multiple colors of stain on the boards to maintain their once weathered look. After sealing, painting and distressing,  she attached the boards to the cabinets with multiple screws ….but did not like the look of the exposed screws. She made a quick trip to a local thrift store and purchased four leather belts, cut them down and nailed them to cover the screws. Lastly, the chair was painted with some leftover chalk paint I had, distressed, sealed and glazed for a “dirty” look.
  2. The HOPE Chest – by Maria Dohrmann
    After years of possible neglect, this chest was in need of a good sprucing up. Though the chest was structurally sound and the inside in pretty good shape, the outside needed a bit of work. Sanding, painting and multiple coats of wax brought this chest from a dark and dingy landscape to a brighter tomorrow. The underside of the lid is painted with the word “hope” reminding us that when we open ourselves up, friendships and new opportunities can form.
  3. Travelin’ Sweet Irene Suitcase – by Kristin Hale [Kristen’s Alley] Kristen is no stranger to repurposing and actually has a business doing it called Kristen’s Alley. The legs are from an old sewing table and the colorful birds on top are from a vintage poster she picked up online for only a buck! Before, the suitcase was in pretty ugly condition and upon ripping out the old lining and putting in new, Kristen noticed the name “IRENE” in the top of it – hence, “Sweet Irene”. A complete overhaul for this beautiful and unique piece!
  4. Rustic Bench – by Eric Hauschildt
    Eric is no stranger to ReStore or RePurposing, in fact, his whole basement consists of RePurposed items from ReStore! When he spotted this old painter’s plank and antique fence puller, inspiration hit!  This may be my favorite quote from Eric: “Every item at ReStore tells a story, and I enjoy retelling the glory days of each item through reimagined purpose.” While keeping the life story of this piece intact, Eric was able to reimagine these piece and pull them together to make a bench that might end up at a family table, entry way or any place where people gather and sit together to tell their own story.


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