Two beautiful princesses

Two beautiful princesses

“Two beautiful princesses” have their dream castle to call home…


Alicia and Xochitl, are enjoying new family traditions. Building snowmen in winter, taking walks together in the neighborhood and grilling out in the summer months are just some of the newly adopted traditions that they enjoy with their parents, Miguel and Rocio in their Habitat home.

Some time has passed since that heart-warming, fall day in 2012 when we all gathered with the Burgos Family for their home dedication. Their “two beautiful princesses,” as Miguel refers to them, now have a place to share memories as they build their childhood together. 

I can clearly see my life before Habitat and my life after partnering with Habitat. It has given me and my family the opportunity to have our own special place that we call ‘home.’ Every birthday, every Christmas counts, it’s our own slice of heaven,” he says.

When asking Miguel how having a safe place to live with his family and what has helped his daughters bloom, he replies, “When the struggles of the world get tough, we are grateful to come home! It is our sanctuary where we can find love and peace. Our daughters have a secure place where they can play, grow and thrive!”

Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity builds not only homes, but foundations for families to find strength, develop self-reliance and build more stable lives.

Miguel states: “We do not have to worry about what apartment we would have to move to next or how we are ever going to be able to afford homeownership. It gives our family the opportunity to focus on other equally important aspects of life!”  

The Burgos Family has come a long way since their days of living in an apartment where they shared appliances with neighbors and experienced flooding due to other residents’ laundry habits. Miguel expressed, “Sometimes the process seems kind of long, but the outcome makes it all worth it. As you become a Habitat homeowner, you meet a lot of great people and make great friends along the way. Just put everything in God’s hands!”

How can you help children, like Alicia and Xochitl, to bloom? Graciously donate funds, household goods or your time!


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