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About Global Village

Volunteer internationally to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the community. Learn about poverty housing, development challenges and Habitat’s ministry and mission to help eradicate them. The funds you raise help build decent shelter in the country you visit and support the Global Village program.

2017 Thrivent Builds Worldwide Trip

The 2017 Thrivent Builds Worldwide Trip to Nicaragua has concluded. Follow the team and learn about their journey as they served a family of three in the municipality of Esteli.


In Central America, Nicaragua has the highest in housing deficits, both qualitative and quantitative. The housing deficit includes 50 percent of houses need infrastructure improvements and about 20,000 new houses per year are needed. The total housing deficit is for 957,000 new homes and home improvements. Only 50 percent of the housing deficit can be met between the private and public sectors.

Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua, established in 1984, completed 8,773 home builds, home improvements, and repairs. In the past five years, they held 6,000 training events and had 2,000 volunteers. Habitat Nicaragua provides construction services, housing support services, financial services, and volunteerism. Each area is multifaceted at the community level and individual level. There, construction efforts encompass seed houses and water and sanitation solutions. The housing support service provides training in financial literacy, safe housing, housing law and land tenure, and healthy housing for partner families. Habitat Nicaragua promotes volunteerism in the schools, universities, and enterprises to offer opportunities in different service areas.