What is a round-up?

Rounding up is a secure, easy way to make a big impact through small change. Register your credit or debit card on this page and your impact starts immediately! Wherever you go, whenever you use your registered card, the change will be rounded up to the next whole dollar, and that change will be sent to Cedar Valley Habitat! Round-up collects your change into one lump sum that is donated to us at the end of the month. Taking five minutes to register now helps build safe, decent, affordable housing in Linn & Benton counties year-round!

What good is change?

Donors who choose not to cap their contribution donate on average a total of $400 a year through round-ups! Monthly donation tax letters will be provided to round-up registrants.

That’s a lot of money! What if I want to limit my contribution?

You can cap your monthly contribution to whatever amount you see fit. Once you hit your cap, any further transactions that month won’t round up!

When am I charged?

Round-up collects change from all your transactions throughout the month. Then, on the last day of each month it donates the lump sum to Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity!

What if I want to change details of my round-up?

When you register to round-up, you’ll create a username and password. You can log in with those at any time to modify or cancel your registration.