Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity is a member of the PATCH program.

PATCH (Providing Assistance To Community Homeowners) aims to fill a gap in resources following the Derecho storm. The program will provide support, referrals, and financial assistance to low-to-moderate income Linn County homeowners impacted by the storm.

Housing Fund for Linn County and ECICOG will serve as the application manager for homeowners and the collaborative organizations. The program will be available as long as a source of funding is available.

Types of Assistance

Construction management support

  • Identifying immediate needs
  • Identifying contractors
  • Scheduling work
  • Working with contractors throughout the construction/repair process

Financial assistance

  • Forgivable loans up to $15,000
  • 5-year forgivable mortgage placed on the property for the loan amount
  • Repayment occurs when homeowner receives FEMA, SBA, insurance, or other proceeds
  • A portion may be forgiven if the amount received from the above sources does not cover costs
  • No credit check required to qualify

Program Requirements

  • Applicant must be the homeowner according to the Cedar Rapids or Linn County Assessor’s office
  • Home must be:
    • Owner-occupied
    • Primary residence as of 8/10/2020
    • Taxed as real estate
    • Located in Linn County
    • Insured or capable of being insured after work is completed
  • Annual household income must be at or below the following amounts by household size, shown in the table below (click to expand):